Digital DEWA

Reimagine the role of the utility by launching “Digital DEWA”.

The digital arm of Dubai Electricity and Water Authority.

The world’s first digital utility utilizing autonomous systems for renewable-energy, storage, expansion in AI adoption, and providing digital services.

The Four Pillars

Our 10X initiative will focus on the four pillars to deliver a new utility experience for Dubai and the world.

Solar Energy

Pillar 1

Solar Energy.

The Dubai Solar pillar will develop, enhance and deploy advanced solar technology in Dubai to power a 75% renewable grid by 2050. The pillar will launch Dubai to the cutting edge of solar energy with a 24-hr solar-powered utility providing electricity and water.

Energy Storage

Pillar 2

Energy Storage.

Deploying a renewable energy grid that utilizes innovative energy storage technologies. This will allow benefiting from the diversified clean energy mix in line with Dubai Clean Energy Strategy 2050. In order to integrate between the clean energy and energy storage, and to ensure maximum efficiency and reliability of operations, we will utilize advanced machine learning technique.


Pillar 3

Artificial Intelligence.

We will also expand in Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions, branded "Rammas", to make Dubai the 1st city to provide water and electricity services based on (AI). The pillar will deploy machine learning to augment customer experiences, support employee services and productivity enhancement, and optimize core grid operations. The Rammas AI project will be realized through three sub-initiatives: AI for customers, AI for employees and AI powered systems.

MORO (Data Hub)

Pillar 4

Digital Services.

To avail the highest-possible benefits from the connected technologies enabling 24/7 world-class services delivery for Dubai, DEWA is launching a digital platform, a data hub named “MORO”, to improve UAE’s digital capabilities to develop smart cities, provide state-of-the-art and innovative solutions, and a successful model for Dubai and the world to benefit from our innovative methodology.

The value of this transformation

will be felt by individuals, businesses and governments.


Peace of Mind


Efficiency & Cost


Competitive Edge

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum

Today, through the World Summit for governments platform, called Dubai Initiative 10X that contribute to the implementation of the vision of Dubai as a city of the future, through new mechanisms of action mimic the future, and contribute to the sustainability of the competitive Dubai

His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum UAE Vice President, Prime Minister and Ruler of Dubai.